Sarah A. Mooney Memorial Museum

542 West D Street - Lemoore, California

The Mooney Museum appropriately sits within just a few feet of the arch that spans D Street designating the western entry into Lemoore's historical downtown district. The beautiful Victorian home was built by one of Lemoore's original pioneer families, Aaron and Sarah Mooney in 1893.

Aaron and Sarah Mooney, having heard of the opportunities for land ownership along the lower Kings River, departed by train from Herkimer County, New York in 1876. In route, they stopped in Coldwater, Michigan where they adopted three-year-old Harriet. Upon arriving in California, they decided to settle in the Lemoore area where Mr. Mooney engaged in merchandising and farming. He later served as the town's first funeral director.

In 1892, they purchased the D Street property and began construction of the house. The dwelling was completed and occupied by the Mooney's in 1893. Aaron Mooney died in 1912. Sarah occupied the home until her death in 1925.

In 1896, Harriet Mooney married Charles Bailey, (Lemoore's "President" from 1916-1921) and had six children. Their oldest daughter, Marie, acquired title to the Mooney property upon her grandmother's death. In 1974, Marie and her husband "Buzz" Blakely presented the house on behalf of Sarah's grandchildren, and in memory of Sarah, to the Lemoore Chamber of Commerce to be used as a Museum.