Sarah A. Mooney Memorial Museum

Photo Ablum 2

Sarah Mooney Museum Docents Jordan Yoakum and Nazlynn Singleton

Noe Ambriz, Sarah Mooney Museum Vice President and Docent Coordinator

California State Old Time Fiddlers entertain at Sarah's Mooney's 172nd Birthday Party on April 7, 2013

Delicious champagne cakes donated by "The Cakery" for Sarah's birthday party.

Board member Trish O'Halloran portrays Sarah Mooney and tells students about her life in the early twentieth century

Doing laundry with a washboard in the olden days was so much fun!!!

Associate Board Member Tyler Davis helps students plant their seeds. Just about everyone in the olden days had a vegetable garden.

Retired school teacher, Bess Fairrington, talks to students about the one room school house while they do their grammar and arithmetic work on slates.

How kids had fun before computer and video games

Sack Races were lots of fun

Museum Board member Bill Black shows students lots of unusual items inside the Museum

Board member Brenda Buford leads the sewing lesson

Ashley and Haley Vaughn go for a ride on Sarah's horse drawn wagon --- what a fun way to go pick up groceries at Scalley's Store.