Aaron Sylvester Mooney

July 10, 1846 – November 28, 1912

Aaron Sylvester Mooney was born on July 10, 1846 in New York state. He married Sarah Ann Buck on August 20, 1867 in Manistee, Manistee county, Michigan. Aaron, wife Sarah, and their three-year-old-daughter, Harriet, departed from Michigan, in 1876 to make a new home in California.

Having heard of the opportunities in land ownership along the lower reaches of the Kings River in Tulare County, they arrived in the Lemoore area in 1876, where they decided to settle and engage in merchandising and farming. Mooney became the first funeral director in Lemoore.

Mooney acquired other properties in Tulare and Kings counties, as well as in Kern and Alameda counties and at Morro Bay.

In October, 1892, they purchased lots from the Pacific Improvement Company, the Southern Pacific Railroad Company’s land management company and shortly thereafter started construction of the brick residence. This dwelling was completed and occupied by Mooney and his family in 1893.

Aaron Mooney died on November 28, 1912. His wife Sarah died on October 8, 1925. Both Aaron and Sarah are buried in the Lemoore Cemetery

Aaron and Sarah Mooney’s home.

Aaron served in the Civil War. At (Second) Deep Bottom, Virginia on August 16, 1864. Missing in action on this day was young Aaron (Arron) S. Mooney of Pentwater. He had enlisted at Grand Rapids into Co. A. of the 26th Michigan on December 20, 1863, at the age of 17 and was held for a time in Belle Isle Prison at Richmond, Virginia on October 4, 1864. He managed to return for duty on April 26, 1865, as an escaped prisoner of war. Mooney was discharged at the end of the war by Special Order No. 140, dated June 3, 1865. The 26th Michigan service included: Camp Jackson, Alexandria, Washington, Suffolk, the New York Draft Riots, Mine Run, Wilderness, Po River, Spotsylvania, North Anna, Totopotomony, Cold Harbor and Petersburg.