Lyman Loverne Follett

August 21, 1869 – October 25, 1925

Lyman Follett was born in Iowa on August 21, 1869, a son of Granville ‘W. and Lucy (Abel) Follett. It was in July, 1875, that Lyman L. Follett came with his father to the site of Lemoore. He was then about six years old. He was reared at Lemoore and educated in a public school there and in the high school at San Francisco, then took up steam-engineering and ran engines twenty-two years in stationary work as well as in harvesting and similar operations. In 1909 he engaged in the insurance business at Lemoore in connection with real estate operations and since then has done much conveyancing and officiated as notary public.

In November. 1911, he was appointed city clerk and sewer inspector of Lemoore. He served as deputy-assessor of Kings county under his father and was city assessor of Hanford in 1900. Mr. Follett was formerly a member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen, and his social affiliations now are with the Woodmen of the World, the Red Men and the Knights of Pythias.

He died October 25, 1925 in Hanford.

In 1894 Follett married Miss Sarah Lumire “Kate” Esery, a native of California, a daughter of Jonathan and Sarah A. Esery, and she died November 20, 1908, they had four children: Charles Granville, La Verne, Helen Eileen and Ernest.