William L. Scally

1880 – September 15, 1959

William Louis Scally was born in 1879 or 1880, to Richard and Mary (Collins) in Lewis Canyon, Nevada. He came to Lemoore with his parents in 1882. Richard Scally opened a livery stable and built the Lucerne Hotel in Lemoore.

William received his early education in Lemoore and was a graduate of Santa Clara University. After he graduated he worked for a time in San Francisco. When he returned to Lemoore he purchased the Fox & Sweetland general store at the corner of D and Heinlen. During the years he enlarged Scally’s Department Store to serve the community with a variety of dry goods, men’s wear, groceries, and hardware. A precursor to the modern day Walmart.

In 1937 William retired from active business and devoted his time to extensive land holdings around Lemoore. He died on September 15, 1959, at the age of 79, and was buried in the Lemoore Cemetery in the family mausoleum he had built for his family in the early 1950’s. He had no surviving family upon his death.

William was a man known for a lifetime of good deeds left the bulk of his estate to the Sacred Heart Hospital in Hanford for the purpose of building a new wing.