2018 – Second Annual Cemetery Walk

September 29, 2018


Back Row - Kim Spicer, Mike Spicer, David Beeman, Mike Lines, Mike Betcher, Suzanne Wilson, Kylee Robinson, Hugh Neely, and Rebecca Jenson
Mary Kurtz, John L Kurtz, Joel Allen Fox, William Scally, Dr. Lovern Lee Moore, Ellen Moore, Lulu Furnish, Pierpont Orton, Julia Orton
Front Row - Lemoore High Drama Department Students


Suzanne Wilson and Mike Betcher as Ellen & Dr. Lovern Lee Moore


Mike Lines as William Scally


Kylee Robinson as Lulu Furnish

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William Scalley

Richard Scally (1854) brought his family to Lemoore in the early 1880’s.  He was born in Ireland and immigrated to the U.S. with his parents.  He made his way from New York west in 1879.  He married Mary Collins in Reno, Nevada.  He was working as a miner at Lewis, Nevada (in the hills outside of Winnemucca) where William was born.   Upon arriving in Lemoore, Richard opened a livery stable and built the Lucerne Hotel.  William owned and operated Scally’s Store (at the corner of D and Heinlen Streets), described as the Walmart of the past.   He built the large mausoleum structure in the early 1950’s and had all of his family members buried with him.

Joel Allen Fox

Before coming to Lemoore in 1875, Joel Allen and Sarah Fox resided in Orland, Indiana.  It was there that they, along with friends and other family members helped hide and transport refugees along the Underground Railroad through northern Indiana.   They also participated in anti-slavery demonstrations and were arrested for their humanitarian efforts.  

Lovern Lee and Ellen Moore

The Moores arrived in Lemoore sometime around 1874, having migrated to the west coast from Sturgis, Michigan.  Lovern studied medicine under his brother, John, a licensed medical doctor in Angola, Michigan.  Upon arriving in Lemoore by way of Santa Cruz, California, the Moores purchased property and started a dairy and a farm on the present site of Lemoore Elementary School on Bush Street.

Lulu Furnish

Lulu was born in Galt, California.   She was living in Kingston in 1873 when the town was raided by the infamous Tiburico Vasquez and his gang of bandits.  Children from the community were hidden in the Furnish home.  Lulu’s parents opened The Furnish Hotel in Lemoore which was later destroyed by fire.  Lulu had the leading millinery shop in town for 40 years.   At that time, Hats were Hats, and her Spring and Fall showings were real events! 

Pierpont and Julia Orton

The Ortons followed family here and were related to the Esrey’s and the Rhoads.  They settled on railroad land south of where Lemoore Golf Course is today.  Today’s Golf Course property was settled by Pierpont’s brother, John Orton.  Pierpont could have saved his property and his family from harassment from the Railroad if he had registered an entry when he arrived here.  He claimed he was sick and could not make the long trip to the Land Office in Visalia.  Legal language in his eviction case by the Railroad was used over and over again as the Railroad evicted other settlers.  Julia managed to hang on to the property long after his death.  John Orton’s family were the founders of Orton’s Equipment in Stratford. 

John and Mary Kurtz

The Kurtz’s arrived in Lemoore in 1869 and took up a section along Grangeville about where 17th and 16th Avenues today cross Grangeville Blvd.  He founded and was president of his company, “Lemoore Fruit Packing.”  He served on the lake School Board and also on the Lemoore High School Board when LHS was formed in 1901.   They were both very active in community activities and social events.  Word has it that they loved a good party and