Tour of the Museum

Sarah, on the left, and Harriet welcome you into their home.

This Victorian is suitably furnished for the period. Most of the furnishings have been donated by various Lemoore families, but a few are actual artifacts given by the Mooney descendants.

There are wonderful displays of clothing, handwork, pre-electric and early electric appliances for functional and recreational use, and the Library is full of surprises.

Near by is the old brick outhouse that has been plumbed and still serves as the restroom. It is reputed to be the only brick structure of this nature still in use.

Sitting near the back of the property is the drive through carriage house which once housed Mr. Mooney’s office and multipurpose wagon – sometimes hearse. The Museum has acquired an 1890’s mountain wagon that belonged to a Lemoore family. Plans are in the works to restore the carriage house to its original use.