Lemoore Army Air Field

In December 1940 the Army Selected 960 acres of farm land near Lemoore on which to build the Lemoore Army Air Field.

On the first day of October 1941, Project Officer, Colonel Arthur J. Lehman and thirteen enlisted “pioneers” established temporary headquarters at the American Legion building in Lemoore. On December 16, 1941, the barracks at the field were ready and the first class of cadets arrived. Basic training began December 20,1941. On March 5, 1944 Jack Benny broadcast his radio show from the Air Field. The base was decommissioned on September 30, 1945.

Lemoore Army Air Field
A collection of 51 building photographs taken in 1942
Originals are located on the MilitaryMuseum.org website

Bldg 1000 Gate House

Squadron Street

Squadron Area

Bldg 323 Base Headquarters

Bldg 159 Squadron Operations Building

Bldg 250 88th AB Squadron Orderly Room

Bldg 496 Cadet & Base Operations Building

Bldg 762 Link Trainer Building

Telephone and Telegraph Building

Bldg 704 Officers Quarters

Bldg 405 Officers Mess

Bldg 406 Officers Club and Mess

Bldg 705 Hospital Admin

Bldg 712 Infirmary

Bldg 714 Hospital Combination Ward

Bldg 717 Hospital Combination Ward

Bldg 718 Hospital Combination Ward

Bldg 728 Hospital Mess Hall

Bldg 729 Hospital Storehouse

Hospital Covered Walk

Bldg 736 Hospital heating Plant

Bldg 713 Flight Surgeon

Bldg 706 Nurses Quarters

Bldg 23 63 Man Barracks

Bldg 760 Recreation Building

Bldg 445 1000 Man Cadet Mess

Cadet Mess

Bldg 571 Post Exchange

Bldg 737 Typical Day Room

Bldg 25 836th QM Trk Co Mess Hall

Bldg 426 Cadet Day Room - 250 Man

Bldg 430 Cadet Supply Room

Bldg 666 Theater

Bldg 321 School Building

Bldg 263 Guardhouse

Building 260 Fire Station

Bldg 137 Fueling Point

Water Plant

Bldg 103 Pumphouse No 1

Bldg 103 Interior of Pumphouse No 1

Bldg 103 Interior of Pumphouse No 1

Bldg 159 Parachute Building

Power Substation

Bldg 122 Paint & Oil Storage

Bldg 123 Paint and Dope Shop

Bldg 136 Utility Shop

Bldg 141 Warehouse

Bldg 124 Warehouse Ordnance & Signal

Bldg 138 Commissary

Bldg 194 Motor Maintenance Shop

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Formation flight of Vultee BT-13 Aircraft from Lemoore AAF