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A Lonesome Place to Live ~ The First 25 years of Two Townships and the Beginning of Lemoore by Stephen Emanuels with Bill Black

Two local historians have combined the fruits of their extensive research to tell the story of the first families to settle in Townships 18 and 19 (north-south boundaries Excelsior and Kent Avenues; and east-west boundaries 16th and 22nd Avenues) between 1856 and 1878. Not until 1875 would there be an actual town called “Lemoore.” Their research dispels some of the previously published history and includes many facts not found anywhere else in the historical record. This is a MUST HAVE BOOK for anyone interested in Lemoore’s history!


Mussel Slough Tragedy(out of print) by James L. Brown

The Mussel Slough Tragedy was a dispute over land titles between settlers and the Southern Pacific Railroad (SP) that took place on May 11, 1880, on a farm located 5.6 miles (9 km) northwest of Hanford, California, in the central San Joaquin Valley, leaving seven people dead. Frank Norris’ 1901 novel, The Octopus: A Story of California, was inspired by this incident, as was W. C. Morrow’s 1882 novel Blood-Money. May Merrill Miller’s novel, First the Blade, includes a fictionalized account of the conflict. The exact history of the incident has been the source of some disagreement, largely because popular anti-railroad sentiment in the 1880s made the incident to be a clear example of corrupt and cold-blooded corporate greed.


The Bello Family of Lemoore, California(out of print) by Angelina Bello Vigario

The Bello Family story is so much more than the story of one Portuguese family, but rather the story of the Portuguese community and its culture. Angelina’s parents and their ancestors were born on the island of Sao Jorge, Azores, one of several islands in a group of nine in the North Atlantic about 800 miles from the Portugal mainland. Angelina’s father, Joaquim Machado Bello was born in 1876. He immigrated to America in 1893 at 17 years of age. Angelina’s parents immigrated to America around 1900. Angelina was born in Lemoore – area in 1913.


Sarah Mooney Museum Coverlet

Celebrate the history & highlights of Lemoore with this beautiful, washable coverlet featuring:Lemoore Union High School (1925); Lemoore City Hall (1924); The Sarah & Aaron Mooney Home (1893); Jack Stone’s Barn (1921); Lemoore Volunteer Fire Dept. (1917); The Rhoads Adobe (1856); and Downtown Lemoore Plaza Park Gazebo (1997)